Our Advantages

Carfair Composites provides uncompromised quality and customer satisfaction. Our team continues to develop partnerships upon a tradition of integrity and profitable growth.

Quality Supplier

With every customer, we develop close-knit relationships with a focus on collaboration.

If you are searching for a quality supplier, Carfair Composites can offer alternatives to aluminum, steel, and wood by using composite materials as well as transitioning from painted surfaces to in-mold coatings.

We have two primary types of molding processes. Other processes are available such as Conventional RTM, Compression and VARTM. Contact us for more information on which process would be the best fit for your needs.

Open Molding Process

Process Benefits

  • The most flexible of process -permitting virtually any shape or design to be molded
  • Low-cost tooling and material systems are used

Build Suited For

  • Small batch run where the R.O.I. for tooling cost on the other processes cannot be justified
  • Small to large part size capabilities

Light Resin Transfer Molding

Process Benefits

  • A comparable output to conventional RTM, but with significantly reduced tooling costs
  • Cost-effective alternative to open molding
  • Controlled wall thickness
  • Increased daily capacity per mold cavity compared to open molding
  • Consistent dimensional results

Build Suited For

  • Parts volume up to 5,000 parts per year
  • Small to large part size capabilities
  • Parts that require two-sided finish surfaces